Revels 1.0

Revels are very funny bean-like creatures which you have to eat quickly (See all)

Revels is a colorful game in which you have to be quick and think even quicker. It's about eating a lot of edible objects named Revels which will either give you energy or take it away from you.
You have to create an organization of revels, the game provides six different flavors of revels and you have to choose which of those are your favorite and which your least favorite. When you start playing, the revels you selected as favorite will provide more energy than the others, likewise your least favorite will decrease your energy.

Your counter indicates your energy levels; eating too many of your non-favorite will cause the counter to reach zero quickly and you'll loose the game, similarly if you eat the correct ones your counter will increase and your score will be higher and higher, giving a chance to show off in front of your friends.

The graphics of this fun game are very good, colorful and bright. The music is excellent and highly energetic, of sticky and unique rhythm. The sound effects are indeed very funny. When you choose the revels either the best or the worst, they will speak with a very comic voice that everyone will find pleasant.

Use the cursor keys to move towards the revels falling like rain from the sky, those are the only keys you will need. It's a great game to play with the family, or with some friends making a few bets of who can eat more revels and get the highest score.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Very entertaining
  • Ensures at least one laughter
  • Apt for everyone


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